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Would you Like to have a deeper understanding of yourself and others so you can improve your relationships with your partner, children, family members, friends and coworkers?

Dear Friend,

It simply doesn't seem fair, does it?

Many of us have come into this life with our fair share of challenges and obstacles to overcome and we are all doing our very best to create a life of happiness and fulfillment while at the same time taking care of our children, going to work or running our own business.

Yet many of us still stay in unhealthy relationships, jobs that may not be right for us and do not know where to start to fix it.

You may be getting into a new relationship, going through a divorce, thinking about moving, possibly even changing careers all together and yet you're feeling trapped by a life that you are so ready to grow beyond.

You may even be feeling trapped in jobs that stifle your soul's desire. Trapped in tactics that go against everything you believe. Trapped at an income level far below the life you were destined for. And trapped in the hopeless feeling that the world simply wasn't designed to support your journey.

But mostly, your relationships with the people you love the most are suffering!

Sound familiar?

Well If your looking for a way to improve your family, career, finances, relationships, living environment, health and spirituality! you've come to the right place.

having your own personal expert Astrologer to help you navigate through uncertain times, understand who you really are on a soul level, discover your hidden gifts & talents and help you realize your full potential!

What if...
You had someone to ask you powerful questions that will help you focus in on what is most important for you right now. Someone who is skilled in clearing away the clutter and energy drains that keep you from being your best.

Are you ready to become your most authentic self, living with integrity, doing work/activities that you love feel happy and have loving relationships.

Whether you want help achieving a specific goal, finding a career direction, or buffing up your whole life, Astrology can help you get there faster.

If you continue as you are right now, what will your future be like? What if you actively started to design your life starting right now?

How do I know about this
, I was there myself just a short time ago.

Finding myself divorced with 3 children to raise as a single mom, I dove into astrology to help me put my life together in a more empowering way.

But from the experience I went through, I discovered:

  • A way to rise out of my own victimization and see life from a perspective that allows me to feel empowered and hopeful.
  • A way to effectively relate and communicate with the people in my life that matter the most to me in a way that supports and nurtures their individuality.
  • And most powerful of all, a way to deliver my unique gift to the world by becoming a professional astrologer and spiritual consultant.

  • And now, the pathway to these discoveries is available to anyone!

    That's why I have created a Private Astrology Coaching Package Guaranteed to help to get your life back on track and onto the road of success.

    When you truly understand who you are, you are better able to
    understand other important people in your life with ease.

    From the desk of Patty Kamson:

    My name is Patty Kamson and for the past 12 years I've been an Intuitive Astrologer as well as a Spiritual Consultant, Teacher and Writer who specialize in Relationship Astrology. As an Intuitive, I allow a client's chart speak to me." Using all of my gifts to interpret an astrological chart allows me to give my clients a rare look into their lives and facilitate awareness, a shift in perspective and healing.

    When I think of who am I, the first word that comes to mind is Mother... And when I look deeper into what that means to me, I find that that has been my expression thus far in my life. I have mothered in most, if not all of my relationships.

    And when I bring that information to my astrological chart it all is so clear. The ruler of my chart is the Moon.... The Moon is the archetype of the Mother... I am being who I am... The next step is how I can use that information to its highest expression.

    And that my friend is where my work begins Would you like to have this type of information at your finger tips? Astrology is not a religion. Astrology is a tool to help you be the best expression of YOU!

    It is a tool that ALLOWS and doesn't demand. Every person has the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as well as every zodiac sign in there chart. It's a question of where it is placed that makes you the unique individual that you are... Experience a reading and see how your life's purpose can expand and grow...

    What if you could...

  • Have a deeper understanding of yourself and others so you could be more compassionate toward your partner, children, family members, friends and coworkers
  • Understand the cycles of your life so you could have an easier time navigating through them
  • Know the life time challenges that your Soul has chosen to work with during this incarnation, in order to evolve to higher levels of consciousness.
  • Have a map of your emotional and mental patterning that you have brought with you into this life.
  • Know the natural skill and abilities that you brought with you into this lifetime and receive specific detailed information about WHY you are here ... so you learn your life's purpose
  • Have someone walk you through your emotional self, intellectual self, creative self and passionate self so that you can have a deeper understanding of who you really are and what you really need
  • Look at the year ahead so you could be better prepared

  • I personally love Astrology because It is a tool that ALLOWS and doesn't demand. Every person has the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as well as every zodiac sign in their chart.

    It's a question of where it is placed that makes you the unique individual that you are... A personal Astrology reading allows you to see how your life's purpose can expand and grow...

    The study of astrology also provides greater understanding of self and others, and a greater awareness of responsibility to each other. It helps to develop more efficient use of talents and indicate areas hindering personal growth. Astrology can serve as your own personal road map.

    And All of This is Possible For You in My...

    But don't just take my word for it. Take a look at what some of my clients have to say about working with me...

    "Patty Kamson is The Gatekeeper to all things cosmic in my life. Before I met Patty, the stars were for getting out of the woods or home from sea at night. Never did I imagine that an entirely new forecast awaited me--one that had the potential to shape the outcome of my personal relationships, my career choices and, lately, when to back up my computer! She's scary-accurate but what's most amazing to me about Patty Kamson are her intuitive abilities. She goes way beyond the 'math and science' of an astrological interpretation to delve deeply into your own, personal metaphysical world. Her approach is comforting and kind. She's generous beyond compare. She has a wry, funny take on the travesties of life that make even the toughest medicine easier to swallow and she gives you a bounty of perspective on where you are and where you want to be. She is very passionate and committed and makes yours feel like the most important reading she's ever done. In my very first meeting with Patty I was so impressed with her abilities that I've devoted several years of my life to developing a television show around her--just so audiences can watch in wonder at her amazing skills as an intuitive astrologer. When navigating the cosmos for extra meaning or even just figuring out the particulars of life on earth, there is no better guide than the very compassionate, very knowledgeable and very down-to-earth Patty Kamson."

    ~Bill Pruitt, four time Emmy Award winning television producer.

    Patty Kamson has a heart as big as the universe and talents to match. For years she has been my friend and go-to person when I need clarity, especially when it comes to understanding what's going in my kids' lives, as well as my own and my spouse's. Through her amazing gifts as an astrologer and intuitive healer, she has shared her wisdom and guidance, helping me bring compassion and healing to all of my relationships.

    ~Terri Amos-Britt, Founder

    Deciding to call patty for a one hour Astrology consultation was the best decision I could have made during this difficult time in my life. Here's just a fraction of what I received during our call. A clear and deeper understanding of what is currently going on in my chart and the specific life lessons I am learning and will continue learning for the next several months. All of the fear, doubt, worry and anxiety I have been experiencing for the past 2 months has now been replaced with a calm peaceful certainty knowing that everything is unfolding just as it is supposed to for me. I have given myself permission to look at some of the mistakes I have made over the past few years without judging myself. Thanks again patty!

    ~Monica Garcia

    Perhaps you've been to other astrologers or tried other programs and products - Most people assume that you have to know a lot about astrology for it to be beneficial in your life. It's just not true!

    What's difference about "Astrology Boot Camp for Your Soul" is that I take you through parts of your chart and explain it to you in very simple and easy to understand terms so that you can start to apply what you learn immediately. You'll feel comfortable, understood and you may even have some fun!

    So If you're serious about transforming the way you see yourself and others and are ready to make radical improvements in all of your relationships, then...

    In this one hour session we will look at the core of who you are and all the layers that come into play with your Sun sign. Your Sun sign is the inner you. It's what sets up your belief system. The Sun is our ego.

    It is also our "adult"-- the part of us that censors our "inner child", that reasons things out, and makes final decisions. The Sun is our basic identity, and represents self-realization.

    When you are asked, "Who are you?", and you've passed your basic statistics and occupation, your answers will be a description of your Sun. The Sun also represents our overall vitality. The Sun directs us, and can be considered "the boss" of our chart.

    In this one hour session we will look at your emotional self and the family dynamics within your chart. The Moon is very complex. It represents so many things in a chart including past lives and memory. In this session we will delve into the heart of the chart.

    The Moon represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits and reactions, and our unconscious.

    Where the Sun acts, the Moon reacts. How do we instinctively react or respond to problems? What do we feel we need for a sense of security?

    The Moon is associated with the mother and with feminine energy in general. The Moon is both our inner child and our inner mother. It is responsive, receptive, and reflective. The Moon is our spontaneous and instinctual reactions.

    In this one hour session we will look at how you communicate, process information and your learning style. Mercury is the planet of the mind and represents how we process information as well as how we connect with others.

    It is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication. Mercury's action is to take things apart and put them back together again. It is an opportunistic planet, decidedly unemotional and curious.

    Mercury not only rules communication, it represents coordination. Thought processes, ideas, and sensory information from both unconscious and unconscious sources all need to be coordinated and understood. Mercury analyzes, sorts, groups, and makes sense of things.

    When we are "acting out" our Mercury, we are inquisitive, curious, communicative, and versatile. On the negative side, we can be high-strung or nervous, nit-picky, indecisive, and overly technical.

    In this one hour session we will look at your passions, energy levels and sexual desires. Mars is a very important energy because it is what gives us the drive and determination to get the job done.

    Mars rules our animal instincts for aggression, anger, and survival. Our sexual desires come under the rule of Mars. Whereas Venus rules romantic attraction, Mars is most associated with basic body attraction. This is the planet of action rather than reaction.

    With Mars, there is no contemplation before action. The drive associated with Mars differs from that of the Sun in that it is self-assertion rather than assertion of the will; it is raw energy rather than creative energy.

    Mars is the push that gets us out of bed in the morning, our drive and desire nature, and our active energy. When we are "acting out" our Mars, we are assertive, directed, forthright, and adventurous. On the negative side, we can be impulsive, rash, impatient, aggressive, and forceful.

    Note: I only have 10 spots available. Make sure you grab your spot today.

    Oh, and did I mention my 100% money back Guarantee! I do this because I love seeing people develop a deeper understanding of who they really are so they can . If YOU complete my Four week coaching program, but you are not happy with the it for any reason, then I will refund your money.

    Okay so let's re-cap what you will receive during this 4-Week Program:

    4 Recorded Coaching Calls sent to you in MP3 format so you can save to your computer. The calls will be about 60 minutes in length and we will discuss the sections of my program covering the sun, moon, mercury and mars in your individual chart and how it affects you. $600 Value

    30-Day Monthly Forecast Report so you can know what is coming up for you in the month ahead.This astrological forecast is based on the movements of key planets relative to your personal birth chart - think of it as your own personalize astrological weather forecast! Find out what opportunities, challenges and breakthroughs are coming your way.

    During our 4 week program you may feel the need for a little more guidance and support so you will have direct email access to me. You can send up to 2 emails per week about any questions you may have about the information will be going over in your birth chart.

    A voucher for 1 additional 30 minute Astrology reading any time after our 4 calls on any subject you like (valued at $90)

    That's normally a total value of $750.00

    I Look Forward to Connecting With You,

    Intuitive Astrologer and Spiritual Consultant

    2010 Patty Kamson. All rights reserved.